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Often in many industries, we see each other as competition. We want to build bridges because we recognise that experience and expertise may look different for different people in different places.

Early childhood music combines two huge specialisms, music theory and child development, along with bits of music performance, psychology, showmanship and sociology. We’ve thought a lot about these, trained a lot in these ideas, and encourage you to get as involved as you feel you need.

There are so many directions: pregnancy music, infant relaxation, health and fitness, post natal depression …

Our author

Frances Turnbull

Independent musician and researcher


Frances is passionate about music pedagogy and its impact on young learners. It is her fervent desire that every individual cultivates respect and empathy, particularly towards children, as they navigate through life. Her efforts towards this goal are reflected in her research and commitment towards producing educational literature.


As a self-taught guitarist from the age of 12, Frances trained as a teacher, completing her degree in Psychology and master's in Education. She then attended specialist music sessions in Kodály, Orff and Dalcroze. She has delivered early years music sessions to baby groups, nurseries, afterschool music clubs to key stage one primary, and taught acoustic and electric guitar, with many early childhood songs now available on You Tube.


Frances has represented the early years music community at the House of Commons, advocating for recognition for early years music educators, and writes articles for various publications on early years music. Her table of progressive music skills for under 7's is featured in each of her curriculum books, with her songs on Spotify and You Tube. Frances is the author of “Learning with Music: Games and activities for the early years“, which was published by Routledge in August 2017. She also researches the benefits of music in health.

Since 2006

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“We love these inclusive music sessions. It's great because even the little ones can get involved with their older siblings!”

A Parent

“He just loves the instrument play. I've had to get a whole selection of instruments and he sits the whole family down to play music together!”

B Parent