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Music Is Life Changing

Even in early childhood. Especially in early childhood.

The first three years of a child’s life hold immense potential. Every experience, sight, sound, and activity shapes their future. As caregivers, we can ensure that they have a positive and nurturing environment.

Music is an incredibly powerful tool that can assist in this process. It has the ability to uplift, heal, and bring people together. It can spark the joy of life, foster creativity, and help children become more self-assured.

With the gift of music, children can enjoy a healthier, happier, and fulfilling life. It is our privilege to give them the best start we possibly can, and music can be a magnificent part of that journey.


We Are An Early Childhood Music Resource

Since 2006, we have had the honor of inspiring and sharing music with countless young children through our sessions.

We have poured our passion for music into a vast collection of resources, which include animated songs for singing, upbeat videos for getting those feet tapping, books filled with creative session ideas, and even fun and practical musical merchandise to wear and use.

We firmly believe that music has the power to ignite a child’s creativity, stimulate their imagination, and foster a long-lasting appreciation for the arts. It is the joy we see on the children’s faces that continually motivates us to create and share these resources.

We are excited to continue showcasing the transformative power of music for years to come!

What We Offer

We have different ways to support your musical journey, right from the start!

Learn The Basics

Share magical, musical experiences together.

Master The Basics

Use toys and more to develop musical awareness.

Be a Musical Superhero

Develop skills in tuned percussion instruments

What we do, sing and play


We have old songs, new songs, topical songs, beautiful songs - join us!


There are so many instruments to explore, we can suggest a few!


Everyday toys can be used in so many musical ways - we have some ideas!


We love musical books and musical stories - so we created some!

ages and stages

We Think You Will Love Our Videos

We have videos featuring nursery songs, Christmas songs, lullaby songs, remembrance songs – come and sing along!

Join our community

Discover our latest releases

At Musicaliti, we believe that music is for everyone, and we want to share that belief with a wider audience. Join our community today and receive notifications about our latest releases, inspirational articles, and special offers. Connect with other parents, caregivers, teachers, and music enthusiasts from around the world and share your experiences, creative ideas, and questions. Let’s make music a part of our lives together!

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