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Babies 0 to 1 year

Dependent observers

Body language

Sensory dependence

Simple gross motor movement

Achievement through repetition

Individual attention

Experimentation through cause-effect

Simple physical motion

Capacity exploration

Inner rhythm

Babies 1-2 years

Dependent observers

Body language


Simple gross motor movement

Object permanence

Individual attention

Independent play

Simple physical motion

Familiar phrase repetition

Inner pulse

Toddlers 2-3 years


Body percussion

Sensory dependence

Familiar interval repetition

Rhythm repetition

External awareness of pulse

Tap instruments

Dependent observers

Role play

Noticing others

Toddlers 3-4 years

Body language communication

Fleeting attention

Rhythmic objective

Individual games


Learn in games

Sing and repeat canon

More rhythm than song

Accepts playing together

Primary 4-5 years

Social, accept new members

Few individual games

Sing to self

Sing in a group

Quick perception

Follow instructions

Suggest ideas

Explore rhythm of rhyme/song


Primary 5-6 years


Group games

Small circles of friends

Speech without gesture

Independent instructions

Vary forms of singing games

Test undestanding

Start songs

Pair soft-loud, fast-slow

Individual attention

Primary 6-7 years


Wide variety of abilities

Improving self-control

Improving fine motor skills

Developing locomotor skills

Follows rules to participate

Aware of hurting feelings

Independent choices

Show off talents